Searching for resources

To start searching use the “search box” always visible on the left-hand side.

Basic search

  • Type in your keyword
  • Select a language (optional)
  • Select a subject (optional)
  • Select a provider (optional)
  • To limit your search to the “travel well” collection, select the “Search only travel well resource” box.

Click on “GO” to start searching at any time.

Find resources using tags

Tags are keywords added by other users to describe LRE resources.

Two ways to search by user tags:

  • Type a tag directly in the tag box and press enter.
  • Click on one of the tags in the tag cloud below the search boxes.

Result pages

Resources that match your search criteria will appear on result pages. You can narrow your search even further by using ‘filters’ or start exploring individual resources. 

Narrow your result set with ‘filters’

Filter your search  according to:

  • Subject (multiple selection possible)
  • Language (multiple selection possible)
  • Age range
  • Resource type (multiple selection possible)
  • Provider (multiple selection possible)

For multiple selections,  press the downward arrows by each category and select as many choices as you need. Once you set the filters, you can view and revise them directly under the menus. To remove a filter, click on (x) next to a category. Remember to click on “Apply filters” button to view a more narrow set of search results.

Browse results

By default, the most popular resources in the LRE will appear at the top of search results. To change this setting, use the “Sort by” drop down menu on the left side. You can also select the number of resources you wish to see per page using the drop down menu “Show items” on the right side

To see more about a particular resource click on the “i” on top of each resource image. This opens an info box. Clicking on “read more”, or the title takes you to the resource item page. You can access the resource page also by clicking the resource title of thumbnail any moment.

Save search (not available yet)

As a registered user you can save your queries. If you often carry out similar kinds of searches,  this option can save your time. Login and  click on “save search”. You can always delete your saved searched in your profile page.

To launch a search you saved earlier, log in and go to your profile page where your saved searches are listed. Click on the name of a search you want to run again.