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  • You can search and browse resources freely. For more information on how to benefit of all the portal's features, please click here.
  • Certain actions, such as tagging, rating and bookmarking, are available only to registered members (registration is totally free of charge). The new LRE portal uses an OpenID user login system. If you wish to create a user account, please follow the instructions below.

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Creating a user account in the LRE is easy and totally free of charge.

LRE uses an OpenID login system. This means that first you need to create an OpenID account and then you can login with it on the LRE portal. European Schoolnet is using the OpenID for most of its websites and services.

To create a user account at the new LRE portal, please complete the following steps:


LRE registration process    

1) Create an OpenID account

2) Login at the LRE portal

  • Go to the LRE website:
  • On the right-hand side, you have the login box. Enter your OpenID: and click on GO
  • After this, put in your password, click on GO and then PROCEED.
  • We recommend to check the box "Keep me signed in" to make your next login faster.

3) Start using the LRE portal

Starting from your first login, you can start using the new portal!

Please feel free to browse resources, add them to your favourites, tag, comment and rate them.

4) For users of old LRE: Migration of your user data

Important! If you had a user account at the old version of LRE, all your bookmarks and user data can be migrated from the old portal to the new one. This way you won't loose any of your information.

  • Once you have completed a login at the new LRE portal, EUN will migrate your data from the old portal.
  • Usually this will take less than one working day.
  • Please note that the data will be migrated only if you use the same email address for the OpenID account as you used previously for the LRE or MELT account.