Managing search results

Resource item page

The item page gives a full overview of each resource.

  • Users’ Tags: Terms provided by other users to describe the resources
  • Descriptors: Terms selected from the LRE Thesaurus by content providers to describe the subject(s) of this resource
  • Keywords: Terms assigned by content providers to describe the subjects of this resource 
  • Age Range: The resource is appropriate for the minimum and maximum ages indicated.
  • Resource type: Terms from LRE’s controlled vocabularies used to indicate the learning object’s type(s) or the potential educational use(s) of the learning object. There are two categories of learning objects: learning resources and learning assets. A "learning asset" is a simple atomic object (e.g., an image, an audio, or a video file) whereas a "learning resource" is a more elaborated learning material such as a learning object, course or a lesson plan
  • Available in: The languages in which the learning resource/asset can be used
  • License: What kind of rights and licenses affect the use of this resource. Read more about copyright issues here (link)
  • Read about it: The languages in which the resource description is available
  • Comments and ratings: See what other users write about this resource
  • Metadata: All available  information about the resource

Now you can select from different options:

  • Get this resource: the Internet location of the resource. Some  resources are also  available on a Common Cartridge and/or SCORM player.
  • Add to favourites (for logged in users): if you want to find the resource more easily next time, add it to your “Favourites”. Here you can also add tags (your own keywords).
  • Rate and comment (for logged in users): Rate the resource from 1 to 5 and write a comment! Let others know what you think.
  • Send to a friend: Use this to recommend a resource to your friend who will receive an email message with a link to the resource.
  • Report: Tell us if you see a problem with this resource such as copyright infringements or broken links.  
  • Social bookmarking tools: Share the resource through your social media accounts: Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, Google, and Delicious.

Returning to the search results

To return to the search results, click on 'Back to results' button on the top of the resource. Also, by clicking on 'next' or 'previous' you can browse from one resource to another without going back to the search results page.