Joining the LRE

Joining the LRE for organisations

The LRE continues to be driven by Ministries of Education that are LRE Founding partners but is also open to other public and private sector stakeholders who can join the LRE as Associate partners or Affiliate partners.  LRE Founding or Associate partners contribute to the development of  annual LRE work plans and  help shape the longer-term LRE development strategy.

All LRE Founding and Associate partners are entitled to be voting members of the LRE Subcommittee which is the governing body for this initiative. Organisations can also apply to be non-voting, LRE Subscription members if they wish to explore the added value of being part of the LRE federation.

Key benefits for LRE Partners

  1. The opportunity to have your learning resources exposed to schools all over Europe and internationally. Your resources can be found through different portals including those from connected Ministries of Education, the LRE portal itself and other participating portals.
  2. Access to the complete LRE collection of learning resources/assets, including content that has the potential to ‘travel well’ and be used in many different countries/contexts.
  3. The right to use the LRE logo to indicate that they are members of the LRE federation of repositories and content providers.
  4. Access to LRE Application Profile 4.5 and LRE Multilingual Thesaurus available in 20 languages.
  5. Support and, if required, training from technical experts on content repositories, semantic interoperability, applying open licensing schemes and content access controls.
  6. Support and, if required, training in how to exploit the tools and services of the LRE Service Centre (metadata and vocabulary management).
  7. URL link checker
  8. Expert advice related to content standards and specifications.
    - EUN staff lead the work on IMS LODE (Learning Object Discovery and Exchange) and are involved in the development of most of the CEN/ISSS WSLT repository specifications.
    - As a result of its involvement in IMS and its coordination of the ASPECT project, EUN has been one of the first organisations in the world to test how teachers are responding to Common Cartridge content.
  9. Links to relevant global initiatives.
  10. Participation in an internationally recognised, knowledge building community.
  11. Opportunities to participate in EC-research projects and to benefit from the results of this research.

Contact us

If you are interested in joining the LRE, please contact lre-contact [AT]