Controlled Vocabulary – List of authorized terms to describe various aspects of learning resources/assets to help in their retrieval and exchange.

Descriptors – Terms from the LRE Thesaurus added by content providers to describe the subject of a learning resource/asset.

Favourite Items – Learning resources/assets that have been saved by users for future retrieval.

Keywords – Terms added by a content provider to describe the subject of the learning resource/asset.

Learning Resource - A diverse group of digital materials (often composed of several types of learning assets) accessible online. Learning resources can be simple or complex and played on a variety of platforms.

Learning Asset – A single, multimedia digital component (text, audio, still images, graphics and perhaps short video clips) used to create learning resources including learning objects.  On their own, or grouped in collections, assets can be used to support learning in a wide variety of contexts and may be particularly useful for teachers and pupils who wish to create their own learning resources.

LRE Thesaurus – A list of terms (in the LRE portal these are called “descriptors”) grouped by semantic relationships to help users evaluate and retrieve items with greater precision.

Metadata – Structured information about learning resources/assets used by humans and machines to sort, organize, select and play the items.

Tag Cloud –  User created terms to describe a learning resource/asset presented as a list with most popular terms in larger fonts.

Tagging – The practice of users adding their own terms to describe the subject of a learning resource/asset.