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Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning
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22/08/11 19:27
The collection Enchanted LearningEnchanted Learning offers a wide range of teaching material for all age groups from kindergarten to high school.
As the website is updated regularly, teachers can rely on the contents.
No matter, whether you want to teach very young children and probably help them learn and understand by doing some handicrafts, or you want to teach teenagers, they all will gain some good experience from this website.
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RE: Enchanted Learning
21/09/11 11:38 as a reply to Susanne Pratscher.
Thanks for posting this large collection. There are many subjects here and we need more information to determine what you had in mind as a potential TW resource collection. Which TW criteria apply and to what subject(s)?

Also, please note that this site requires a paid subscription to have access to prints without advertisements.


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