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Demonstrations Wolfram
Wolfram Demonstrations Project
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25/08/11 09:23
Title: Wolfram Demonstrations Project

URL: Wolfram Demonstrations Project

Description: Simulations (demonstrations) in many different subjects. You need a free player to use them.

I think all the resources meet TW criteria. The descriptive texts and the site is in English though.

SUBJECTS: More than 10 different subjects with sub topics

AGE LEVEL: 13+ ? (or 15+ ?)

TYPES OF RESOURCES: Demonstations, Simulations

Trans-national topics
Language independent
Methodological support for teachers is not needed
Intuitive and easy to use
Interactive with possibility of feedback

All content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

In addition, the preview animations of each Demonstration, the pop-up snapshots, and the images available after clicking "Link to this Demonstration" are also licensed under the MIT License.

The MIT License allows unrestricted use provided that the copyright notice is preserved. We encourage the use of the aforementioned items in educational resources around the web, for example on Wikipedia and university websites.

Read more about the terms of use...
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Demonstrations Wolfram
16/08/11 10:49 as a reply to Alma Taawo.
Thanks Alma for providing this recommendation of a TW collection. We have now included a sample of the full collection in the LRE.

Wolfram Demonstration Project Samples
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RE: Demonstrations Wolfram
24/08/11 12:19 as a reply to Elena Shulman.
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