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Helping With Math
Helping With Math
subject mathematics eqnet resources travel well
05/07/11 22:51
[url=] DESCRIPTION: This website is full of math worksheets, printable multiplication tables, math charts, games, and other resources that are completely free and easy to use. All these activities are under the license Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. This website is in English and though it has several activities in which the knowledge of this language is required, it also gives us the opportunity to access lots of very intuitive resources in which we don’t need to know any language to understand what is asked to do. The games section is the most intuitive and has a large number of resources for children explore their math skills. SUBJECTS: Math, English; AGE LEVEL: Primary school TYPES OF RESOURCES: educational games TW CRITERIA . Trans-national topics . Stored as a file type that is usable with generally available software . Methodological support for teachers is not needed . Intuitive and easy to use . Interactive with no possibility of feed-back (only the games) . Clear license status
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