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Listen to Nature
Listen to Nature
language independence methodological support universal travel available software trans national educational system teacher student language english animal biology sound travel relaxing music music sound bl
16/08/11 12:26
Listen to Nature
Category Educational site (excercises, lessons, ...)
animal biology bird eQNet music relaxing music sound Travel well Travelwell universal
Travel well criteria

Trans-national topics
Knowledge of a specific language is not needed (language independence)
Stored as a file type that is usable with generally available software
Methodological support for teachers is not needed
Intuitive and easy to use

Subject / Field of learning Biology
Educational type Secondary
Function Teacher
Language English
Educational system AL
Copyright and use
Free of charge? Yes
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Listen to Nature
16/08/11 12:25 as a reply to Eva Lopatová.
Thanks for posting this interesting collection. Unfortunately, we will not be able to include this in the LRE because of the very restrictive terms of use from the provider. The provider indicates that:

'All recordings copyright © British Library Board. The recordings on this site are for private listening only; copying, broadcasting or reproduction is prohibited.'

When recordings are for 'private listening' without any provisions for educators, it means that playing recordings in a classroom situation may violate copyrights
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RE: Listen to Nature
15/09/11 17:24 as a reply to Eva Lopatová.
Thanks you very much. This resourse looks perfect to me. I use those sounds often. this project completes resourse requirements
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