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Animated Physics
Animated Physics
16/08/11 11:21
Physics in animations

Animated Physics

Interactive animations of various machines and engines that can be used when teaching Physics at the elementary school, middle school or the teaching technical subjects at secondary school.

Physics, Science

12+ (6+ for only some animations)
Secondary school; High school (Primary school for only some animations)

- Trans-national topics
- Knowledge of a specific language is not needed (language independence)
- Methodological support for teachers is not needed
- Intuitive and easy to use
- Interactivity with no possibility of immediate feedback

Terms of use:
Using of this page is free. License is unknown.
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Animated Physics
16/08/11 11:21 as a reply to Daniel Tochacek.
Vdaka za peknu stranku ktoru som nepoznala emoticon
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Anim Fyzika
16/08/11 11:19 as a reply to Daniel Tochacek.
Thank you Daniel for recommending this collection. We have now made it possible to discover this collection from the LRE.

Anim Fyzika in the LRE

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