LRE European SchoolnetThe Learning Resource Exchange (LRE) from European Schoolnet (EUN)  is a service that enables schools to find educational content from many different countries and providers. It was developed in order to provide Ministries of Education with access to a network of learning content repositories and associated tools that allow them to more easily exchange high quality learning resources that ‘travel well’ and can be used by teachers in different countries.

The evolution of the LRE has been supported by Ministries of Education in Europe and a number of European Commission funded projects such as ASPECT, CELEBRATE, CALIBRATE and MELT. It is now being carried forward in projects such as eQNet and with support from the LRE’s content partners.

Anyone is able to browse content in the LRE federation of repositories and teachers that register can also use LRE social tagging tools, rate LRE content, save their Favourite resources and share links to these resources with their friends and colleagues.

Additional resources from new content partners are also being regularly included in the LRE and the amount of content that schools can access is still growing rapidly.

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